2018 results:

-1st place, Women Singlespeed, Chino Grinder (115 mile gravel event in Chino Valley, AZ)

-1st place, Women Singlespeed, 12-hour Dawn-to-Dusk Mountain Bike Race (Scottsdale, AZ)

-2nd place, Women Singlespeed, Gravel Worlds (150 mile gravel event in Lincoln, NE)

-2nd place, Women 35-39, Harvest Moon half-ironman Triathlon (Boulder, CO)

-3rd place, Women Singlespeed, Dirty Kanza (206 mile gravel event in Emporia, KS)

-Participant & Fundraiser, Police Unity Tour (4-day ride from Sommerset NJ to Washington, D.C. for the Police Fallen Officer Memorial)

-10,000 mileage goal ACCOMPLISHED!

2017 results:

-1st place AG (6th OA), Bartlett Lake Olympic Triathlon, Arizona

-1st place, Singlespeed women, Chino Grinder 110 mile gravel race, Chino Valley AZ

- 1st and 2nd place, Strava Segment QOMs, Foco Fondo

​- 1st place AG, Golden Gran Fondo (Gran Route)

- 2nd place, Women Singlespeed, Lucky Pie CX

​- 3rd place, Women Singlespeed, Valmont CX

- 3rd place, Women Singlespeed, Interlocken CX

-15th place, AG, Ironman Arizona (3x IM finisher)​​

-Participant & Fundraiser, Ride on For Red Nose Day West Coast: Santa Barbara to Vegas, and East Coast: Boston to NYC 

2016 results:

-2nd place, WP Fat Bike Race #1, women sport

-2nd place team, Without Limits XTERRA off-road Tri 

-3rd place, Women SingleSpeed, Without Limits Harlow Platts CX

-5th place AG, Harvest Moon Half-Ironman

-6th place AG, Crusher in the Tushar

-9th place, Women Singlespeed, Feedback Sports CX

-11th place, Fat Bike Worlds, Women open (+a broken collarbone!)

-15th place, AG, Ironman Arizona (2x IM finisher) 

-DNF Dirty Kanza 200 (made it to 165 -dang!)

*Ride on Atlanta Participant -raised $5000! 

2015 results:

-1st place, GRAVEL WORLDS SINGLESPEED WOMEN (3rd woman overall) 

-1st place AG, Rocky Mountain Olympic Triathlon- Silverthorne (4th female overall)

-2nd place AG, Boulder Sunset Olympic Triathlon -Boulder Reservoir 

-2nd place AG, Rocky Mountain State Games Sprint Triathlon - Colo Springs

-3rd place overall female, Dirty Kanza half-pint 100 mile gravel race

-5th place AG female, Crusher in the Tushar gravel/road race

​-5th place, Hess TT women 1/2

-6th place, Valmont CX (women open)

-6th place AG, Harvest Moon Half-Ironman - Aurora Reservoir

-9th place AG female Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic triathlon -Loveland

​-10th place, Boulder res CX (women open)

-14th place Feedback Cup CX (women open)

​-16th place, Boulder Roubaix road race, Women 1/2

-19th place Amy D CX (women open)

-Back to Basics CX race series participant 

--IRONMAN ARIZONA First time- Finisher! 

-2nd time, Tour de Cure participant 

2014 results:

1st place rider, BAR (Best allround rider), Colorado Cyclocross, women 35+ category

1st place, Lookout Mtn Hillclimb (women 35+)

1st place, Primalpalooza CX (women 35+)

​1st place, Valmont CX (women 35+)

1st place, Blue Sky Cup CX (women 35+)

1st place, Schoolyard CX (women 35+)

1st place, Sienna Lake CX (women 35+)

1st place, Louisville CX (women 35+)

​1st place, Regional CX Championships -Sandstone (women 35+)

2nd place team, BAT (Best allround team), Colorado Cyclocross, women 35+ category

2nd place, 50 mile RidgeLine Rampage MTB (women 30-39;3rd plc overall)

2nd place, CSM Oredigger Crit

2nd place, Cafe Velo TriLakes TT

2nd place, Kick-It CX, (women 35+)

​2nd place, Green Mountain CX, (women 35+)

2nd place, Cross of the North CX (women 35+)

2nd place, Feedback Cup CX (women 35+)

2nd place, Turkey CX (women 35+)

3rd place, Frostbite TT

​3rd place, Best on Hess TT

3rd place, Xilinx CX, (women 35+)

6th place, CSM Oredigger Lookout Mountain TT

6th place, Koppenberg

8th place, USA Cycling masters road nationals, (women 35-39) TT

9th place, Lookout Mtn hillclimb, P/1/2

9th place, CO state CX champs, women 35+

10th place, Cyclocross National Championships, women singlespeed

12th place, Morgul TT

12th place, Cyclocross National Championships, women 35-39

-First place Female Finisher, RidingGravel AntiEpic 50 (2nd plc singlespeed)

-First place, women 90 mile event, Vuelta a Keystone Gran Fondo

-Ride on Chicago Participant = 550 miles in 5 days, $100,000 raised!! 

-Ride the Rockies Participant - Raised $533 for Trips for Kids! 


2013 results -SW pro 1/2 unless otherwise indicated:

-1st place, Frostbite TT

-1st place, Unit of WY TT

-1st place team, Haystack TTT

-1st place, BCLP TT Series SW1/2/3

-1st place, Xilinx CX, SW3

-1st place, Blue Sky CX, 35+

-2nd place, women A, HRCA MTB race #3

-2nd place, Body Sync Golden CX SW3

-2nd place, Green Mtn Sports CX, SW 35+

-3rd place, Cyclo-X Flatirons SW3

-3rd place, Primalpalooza CX SW3

-3rd place, Zombie CX, SW3

-3rd place, Lookout Mountain Hillclimb

-4th place, Haystack TT

-4th place, Valmont CX SW3

-4th place, Cyclo X-Westminster SW35+

-5th place, CO State Time trial

-5th place, Guanella Pass Hill Climb

-5th place, Turkey Cross women "A"

-6th place, GoPro Mountain Games Vail TT

-7th place, Superior Morgul TT

-7th place, Cafe Velo TT

-7th place, Colorado CX Classic pb Raleigh Bicycles SW3

-12th, Cross of the North CX, SW3

-12th, Zombie Cross (women open)

-14th, CycloX Interlocken (women open)

-15th, Feedback Cup (women open)

-16th, CO State CX 35+

-39th, CO State CX SS

-2nd time, Courage Classic Participant

-First-time Tour de Cure Participant


2012 highlights: all events are SW pro 1/2 unless otherwise indicated:

-1st place, Frostbite TT

-1st place, Lookout Mtn TT

-1st place, Racing for Hope Criterium

-2nd place, Haystack TT

-2nd place, King of the Mountain TT (USPCC)

-3rd place, Tri-Lakes TT

-3rd place, Battle the Bear 1/2 Marathon MTB race, women 30-39

-Pedal the Plains: women's sprint points winner, 2nd plc female, 3rd finisher overall

-Copper Triangle participant -first female finisher! 

-Vail Gran Fondo participant -first female finisher!

-First-time Courage Classic participant

2011 highlights: all events are SW pro 1/2 unless otherwise indicated:

-1st place overall, Fixed Gear Classic endurance omnium

-1st place, North Boulder Criterium

-1st place, Superior Morgul Classic Criterium

-1st place, Dead Dog stage race

-1st place, ERock twilight criterium

-1st place, DU crit @ City Park

-1st place, Grand Prix of Cycling criterium

-2nd place, LAVRA velo Winter classic omnium 2/5/11

-2nd place, Lookout Mountain hillclimb

-2nd place, Fort Collins Cycling Fest Time trial

-3rd place, 3k pursuit, Alpenrose Velo Challenge

-3rd place, Superior Morgul Classic overall omnium

-3rd place, CU crit @Research Park

-4th place, Superior Morgul Classic Road race

2010 highlights: all events are SW pro 1/2 unless otherwise indicated:

Colorado BAR (Best All-Round Rider) award Recipient, women 1/2 category

Colorado State Time Trial Champion (women pro/1/2)

Colorado State Criterium Champion (women pro/1/2)

Colorado State Points race Champion

-1st place, Niwot crit

-1st place, North Boulder Crit

-1st place GC, Dead Dog Classic stage race (1st RR, 1st crit, 1st TT)

-1st place, BRC crit

-1st place, Tour of Lawrence Circuit race

-1st place, Subaru crit, women open

-1st place, Metro State TT

-1st place, School of Mines Lookout Mtn Hillclimb, women open

-2nd overall, Superior Morgul Classic omnium (women 1/2/3) (2nd sprints, 2nd crit, 7th RR)

-2nd place, Colorado State Road Race championship

-2nd place, Tour of Lawrence Street Sprints

-2nd place, Tour of Lawrence Criterium

-2nd, Alpenrose velo Challenge, 3k Pursuit

-2nd, Colorado State Championship, 3k Pursuit

-3rd place, Steamboat stage race (2nd tt, 2nd circuit, 6th rr, 2nd crit)

-4th, 3k individual pursuit, Elite track national championships

-4th, team pursuit, Elite track national championships

-4th overall, endurance omnium, Fixed Gear Festival

-4th place, School of Mines criterium, women open

-4th, Alpenrose Velo challenge, points

-5th, points race, Elite track national championships

-7th, Cascade Cycling Classic, stage 3 (Mt Bachelor road race) -NRC

2009 highlights: all events are SW pro 1/2 unless otherwise indicated:

NATIONAL CHAMPION, Masters Track Nationals 2k pursuit (women 30-34)

Best All-round Rider (BAR) recipient, 2009 Masters Track Nationals (women 30-34)

-1st place, Colorado State Pursuit Championship (track)

-1st place, Colorado State Sprint Championship (track)

-1st place, Wheels of Thunder Criterium

-1st place, Metro State TT

-1st place, Haystack team time trial

-2nd place, Masters Track Nationals points race (women 30-34)

-2nd place, Masters Track Nationals 500m TT (women 30-34)

-2nd place, Masters Track Nationals sprints (women 30-34)

-2nd place, CU Research Park Criterium, women open

-2nd place, Frostbite TT

-2nd place, CSU oval criterium, women open

-2nd place, Federal Center Crit

-2nd place, Vic's espresso crit, women open

-3rd place, ACA Colorado best all round rider

-3rd place, Bannock Crit

-3rd place, Colorado College criterium

-4th place, Salida Crit

-4th place, Haystack individual time trial

-4th place overall, Dead Dog stage race

-4th place, Colorado State Points championship (track)

-4th place, BRE real estate crit, women open

-5th, Glenwood Springs criterium

-5th place, Salida omnium

2008 highlights: all events are SW pro 1/2 unless otherwise indicated:

-1st place, Salida Omnium overall (TT, RR, Crit)

-1st place, Niwot Criterium

-1st place, HART criterium, Denver CO

-1st place, Haystack indiv TT

-1st place, Haystack team TT

-1st place, Metro State TT @ Bear Creek Lake Park

-1st place, School of Mines Lookout Mtn hillclimb

-1st place, School of Mines Coalminer Crit

-1st place, Winter Park MTB series, uphill time trial (women sport 19-29)

-2nd overall, Colorado BAR (best-allround rider) competition

-2nd place, Tour of Colorado race series overall

-2nd place, Colorado State TT Championship

-2nd place, Federal Center Circuit race

-2nd place overall, KHMTT 7-week TT series

-2nd place, Deer Trail Road race (women open)

-2nd place, DU cycling crit @ City park (women open)

-2nd place, Wheels of Thunder Crit

-3rd place, City Park Crit

-4th place, Ironhorse Classic crit (

-4th place, Bannock criterium, Denver CO

-5th place, Ironhorse Classic TT (women 1/2/3)

-5th place, North Boulder Park Criterium (women 1/2/3)

-6th place, Sea Otter road race

-17th place, GC, Tour of the Gila (women pro 1/2)(NRC)

-17th place, USA Cycling road nationals road race, Irvine CA

2007 highlights: all events are SW pro 1/2 unless otherwise indicated:

Colorado state time trial champion 

-1st place, Colorado State Track Championship, 3k pursuit, CoSpgs CO (w open)

-1st place overall, Karen Hornbostel Memorial (7-wk) time trial series

-1st place, Haystack Mountain ITT, Boulder CO

-1st place, Overland Park Grand Prix criterium, Overland Park KS (w1/2/3)

-1st place, Colorado State Games time trial, Colorado Springs, CO

-2nd place, Tri the Creek Triathlon, Denver CO (2/42 a/g; 8/172 o/a)

-2nd place, Oredigger Classic, Lookout Mtn Hillclimb, Golden CO (w open)

-2nd place, Oredigger Classic, Circuit race, Golden CO (w open)

-2nd place, Little Foot Triathlon, Morrison CO (a/g; 5th o/a)

-3rd place, Salida Time trial, Salida CO

-3rd place, Bear Creek Lake park time trial (RM Omnium), Morrison CO

-3rd place, Cliff Drive Classic Circuit race, Kansas City, MO (w1/2/3)

-4th place, IronHorse Classic Criterium, Durango CO

*6th place overall Omnium, IronHorse Bicycle Classic, Durango CO

**5th place overall, Rocky Mountain Omnium

2006 highlights:

-1st place, women 1/2/3, Cliff Drive circuit race, Tour of KC, Kansas City, MO

-1st place GC, Baldwin City Stage Race, women 1/2/3, Baldwin City, KS

-1st place KS state time trial championship (40K), women 1/2, Walnut, KS

-1st place KS state Criterium championship, women 1/2, Pittsburg, KS

-1st place Lantern Rouge time Trial (10K), women 1/2, Lowemont, KS

-1st place, age group, Shawnee Mission (KS) Triathlon, Long Course

-2nd place, women 1/2/3, Parker Omnium TT (NRC), Parker CO

-2nd place, women open, Lincoln Plating Stage Race, Lincoln NE

-2nd place 2006 MAXXIS midwest cup series overall Women 1/2/3

-3rd place, women 1/2/3, Swanky's crit, Littleton, CO

-3rd place, women 1/2/3, Overland Park Criterium, Tour of KC, Kansas City, KS

-3rd place, Women 1/2/3, Nat'l Guard Evasive Driving circuit, Jefferson city, MO

-4th place, Women 1/2/3, Longmont Criterium, Longmont, CO

-4th place, Bazaar road race, Women open, Bazaar, KS

2005 highlights:

Following CAT II upgrade:

-1st pl University City crit (Gateway),W 1/2/3

-5th pl Gateway cup overall W 1/2/3, Labor Day weekend,2005

-Overall Winner of the 2005 W 1/2/3 Midwest MAXXIS CUP Series

-2nd pl Freedride crit, Warrensburg, MO, Women1/2/3

-3rd pl Sedalia, MO criterium, Women 1/2/3

Prior to CAT II upgrade:

-1stplace women cat III (best amateur jersey recipient), Nature Valley (NRC)

-1stplace RR women1/2/3 KS State Championship

-1stplace Crit women 1/2/3 KS State Championship

-1stplace GC Velotek Grand Prix (TT, Crit and RR)--Women¾

-1st place GC Dave Babcook Memorial Stage Race, Omaha NE--W OPEN

-2nd place GC Lincoln Plating Cycling classic, Lincoln NE--W OPEN

-2nd place Circuit Race—El Dorado Circuit Race/Scholfield Criterium, Wichita KS

-2nd place, Women ¾ , Scholfield Honda Criterium, Wichita KS

-2nd place GC --Women ¾, Joe Martin Stage Race (NRC), Fayetteville, Ark.

-2nd place women open , Cougar Criterium, Edwardsville IL

2004 highlights:

-Overall Winner of Women 1/2/3 Midwest MAXXIS CUP Series

-1stplace GC, Lincoln Plating stage race --WOMEN OPEN

-1stplace Women ½/3 Nebraska State RR Championship, Lincoln NE

-1stplace Women ½/3Haymarket Criterium, Lincoln, NE

-1st place, age group, Midwest Meltdown duathlon at the KS Speedway

-2nd place GC, women open, Baldwin City Stage Race

-2nd place GC, women's 3/4; Mercy Classic (NRC)

-3rdplace Criterium and 4thplace RR WOMEN½/3 Kansas Crit/RR Championships

-4thplace GC North End Classic, Yuma AZ--CAT 3 women

-4thplace finish circuit and-3rdplace finish crit, Scholfield Honda, Witchita, KS

-4thplace RR/Circuit Race and-2ndplaceCrit--Omaha Weekend, Omaha NE

2003 highlights:

-3rd place, women 3/4, Tour of Kansas City (Overland Park) (MY FIRST CRITERIUM!!)

-11th place, Downers Grove, IL National Crit Championships (women 3/4)(NRC)

-2nd place overall, women 3/4, Gateway Cup series, St Louis MO


-3rd place, 2003 Quarter Max, Innsbrook, MO: age group (20-24)

-2nd place, 2003 ½ Max, Lake of the Ozarks, MO: age group (20-24)

-2nd place, 2003 Okoboji Triathlon, age group (20-24)

Marathons completed:

2001 Lincoln Marathon, Lincoln NE

2003 Valley of the Sun Marathon, Mesa AZ

2003 Chicago Marathon

2004 P.F. Chang’s Rock and Roll Marathon, Phoenix AZ




Megan Hottman