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Megan Hottman wears three hats when it comes to cycling: She's a nationally-recognized attorney who represents injured cyclists; she's an experienced bike racer; and she's an avid and often-outspoken bike advocate. Megan has been racing bikes since 2002, and has competed in hundreds of road, track, CX and MTB races, as well as gravel races, both nationwide and internationally. Since forming her law practice-which is devoted to cyclists -she has also worked tirelessly in the realm of bike advocacy, both to get others on bikes, and to make the U.S. a safer place for cyclists to ride. 

To say that she's passionate about cycling would be a gross understatement.  Bicycling runs in her blood stream.  Whether riding, racing, representing clients, or pushing the boundaries in advocacy, it's safe to say that Megan wakes up thinking about bikes and falls asleep dreaming of them as well.  Her dream is to see the number of cyclists in the US grow every year, with more and more opting out of their cars and opting into using their own 2 legs for transport and fitness.  She also hopes to see the sport of cycling continuing to grow, particularly among beginner women.  To this end, she focuses her efforts on getting new women into the sport in all disciplines -and she focuses her advocacy efforts in the areas of education and skills development.  

Megan is an ambassador of all things cycling... check out the rest of her site and follow along in her adventures!  ‚Äč


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